FN Minimi

The FN Minimi is an light machine gun designed and manufactured by Belgian weapons manufacturer, FN Herstal. It is well-known after the US adoption as the "M249 SAW" and has appeared in many video games related to modern warfares.

History Edit

The FN Minimi was first introduced in 1974, it has been adopted as the standard light machine gun by over 45 countries. The weapon has also adopted by the US armed forces as the M249 SAW in 1984. It was then became more famous and has took appearances in many movies and video games. Much of them were related to the US military and modern conflicts.

Design Features Edit

The FN Minimi is an long-stroke piston gas operated weapon fires from a open-bolt. It fires the NATO standard rifle cartridge, the 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. It is a belt-fed weapon which is also compatible with STANAG magazines and C-MAG drum magazines. The weapon can be fired in fully-automatic only, it has a rate of fire of 700–1,150 rounds per minute. The Minimi is usually comes with an bipod and the weapon is mainly designed for fire support roles. Some variants are allowed for mounting optics and other accessories.

Variants Edit


M249 SAW

  • Standard (designed for platoons or used as a squad support weapon)
  • Para (designed for paratroopers)
  • Vehicle (mounted on military vehicles)
  • Minimi Mk 3 (The recently updated version of the Minimi)
  • M249 SAW (Variant designed for the US Military)
  • M249 SPW (M249 designed for USSOCOM)
  • Mk 46 (M249 variant used by USSOCOM)
  • Mk 48 (US version of the Minimi 7.62)
  • C9 (Canadian version of Minimi)

The Minimi is also licence-manufactured in many other countries and has different designations.

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