An MP5A2 with surefire

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is an sub-machine gun designed and manufactured by German firearms company Heckler & Koch.

History Edit

The MP5 was designed in 1964-1966, it was an weapon based on the Heckler & Koch G3 automatic rifle design and was initially known as the "HK54". The weapon was first adopted by the German Federal Police and renamed to "MP5". The MP5 has proved its practicality in certain hostage crises, such as the Lufthansa Flight 181 hijacking in 1977 and the Iranian Embassy siege (also known as the "Operation Nimrod"), leading to the adoption of the weapon by a large numbers of law-enforcements and armed forces. It is also known by the adoption with many world famous military special forces and special police units including the US Delta Force, Navy Seals, SWAT Teams, FBI, UK SAS, French GIGN, and the German GSG-9, KSK.

The MP5 also appears in many video games, much of them were involved of counter-terrorism and modern conflicts.

Design Features Edit

The MP5 is an Roller-delayed blowback operated weapon, its chambered for the 9mm Parabellum pistol cartridge. It's an selective fire weapon, it has different firing modes depends on different models (Semi, 2 or 3-round burst, Auto). Rate of fire is about 700-800 rounds per minute in full auto. The weapon is fed from a 15 or 30-round magazine, drum mags were also compatible. Overall, the MP5 is an accurate weapon, it is compact and has low recoil, suitable to use for close-quarter battles and hostage rescue operations in urban environments. However, due to its complex design, it is not suitable to use in extreme conditions.

Variants Edit


MP5A3 with SEF trigger group



  • MP5A1: No buttstock, "SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5A2: Fixed stock, "SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5A3: Retractable buttstock, "SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5A4: Fixed buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group.
  • MP5A5: Retractable buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group.
  • MP5SD1/2/3/4/5/6: Models come with integrated suppressors.
  • MP5K: Compact model, comes with a vertical foregrip.
  • MP5K PDW: An Personnel Defense Weapon based on the MP5K.
  • MP5N: US Navy model, based on the MP5A3.
  • MP5F: Model designed for the French military.
  • MP5/10: Model chambers in 10mm auto cartridge, used by law-enforcements in the USA including the FBI.
  • MP5/40: Model chambers in 40 S&W cartridge, used by law-enforcements in the USA.

Civilian models Edit

  • HK94
  • SP89

Foreign models Edit

The MP5 is also licensed/unlicensed manufactured in many countries such as: Pakistan, Iran, China and Turkey.

  • Norinco NR-08: Chinese copy.
  • T94: Turkish copy.

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