Minigun dillon

An M134 Minigun manufactured by Dillon Aero

The M134 Minigun is an American made six-barreled Gatling type machine gun. It appears in many films and video games.

History Edit

The M134 Minigun was designed in the 1960s, it was developed by General Electric for the US Military. The weapon was first introduced in 1963, during the Vietnam War. It was mounted onto the gunships of the US Armed Forces as an high rate of fire weapon for engaging ground targets. Up to date, the weapon has became more popular, it is even mounted on ground vehicles as an support weapon. It was also adopted by a dozens of countries.

The Minigun is also an popular weapon among movies and video games. Some were even modified to a hand-held weapon for individual uses. But in reality, it is not a perfect weapon for such purpose, although it has a very high rate of fire and does very high damage, its heavy weight and high recoil has preventing the weapon being a individual weapon.

Design Features Edit

The Minigun is an electric operated weapon, it is belt-fed and features six rotating barrels. The weapon is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It is only available in automatic fire and has a variable rate of fire about 2000-6000 rounds per minute. Although the minigun is an effective weapon against multiple targets, it would also led to barrels overheating and cartridge jams due to its high rate of fire.

Variants Edit

Minigun airsoft

An airsoft replica of the hand-held minigun

The Minigun has different designations in different components (Army,Navy,Air Force) of the US Armed Forces.

  • XM214 Microgun: Smaller caliber version of the minigun, it fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.
  • M134D: An improved version manufactured by Dillon Aero.

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